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Friday, August 21, 2009

Designed to Sell, And Designed to Write

If this writing thing ever falls through, I swear I could have a killer career hosting HGTV’s Designed to Sell. Yeah, you heard me Clive Pearse. I’m coming for your job. Just because you’ve got a fancy British accent, doesn’t mean this Philly girl can’t do just as good of a job teaching desperate homeowners how to declutter and repaint.

Okay, seriously, I may not be destined for a career in television, but I can stage a house. My own house that is. Yup, we’re selling. We heard all those headlines about the real estate crash and the bubble bursting and thought, “Hey, why not join in the fun?”


So coming the week after Labor Day, our little home in Philadelphia will officially be on the market.
And what does any good HGTVer do when preparing to sell their house? They go look at “comps.” That’s “comparable houses” for those not-in-the-know. So my realtor, whose office is a block from my home, is taking me out today to tour other tiny trinities in the city.

Now, I’ve talked about my house before. It’s 177 years old, it has its original floors and original fireplaces (one works!), and it’s most likely haunted. Kidding. Sort of.

It’s also built in a style called a “Trinity.” This means it’s a) small; b) has only one room per floor; c) incredibly vertical; and d) will eliminate your need to ever use a StairMaster again. (My cat’s never been so muscular.)

But it also has nearly 200 years of character. You can’t buy my floors, folks—they’re made of this wood called “heart pine” that was once used to build log cabins, that currently floors George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and that is pretty much extinct now. Trust me, they’re awesome.

We once brought a board into a hardware store to find a nice matching threshold for the entrance to our bathroom, and the store’s sales guy said, “Damn, where did you get that?” See, I told you. Now, you may be be wondering how we were able to bring a board with us to the store. And yes, a few are a little loose. But hey, that’s called “historic” and “charming.”

And so, dear readers, if any of you are looking to move to Philadelphia and would like a lovely starter home on a quiet picturesque tree-lined block, let me know. Maybe one day I’ll come back to visit like J.K. Rowling and say, “this is where I wrote my first book.” And then I’ll wipe away a tear as Barbara Walters provides the voiceover to my "emotional journey." Either that, or the Clive Pearse thing. One or the other.

Also, if you'd like to win a copy of Amor and Summer Secrets, head on over to author Melissa Walker's blog. She's giving away a SIGNED copy as this week's Win-It Wednesday competition. All you need to do is leave her a comment. Good luck!

POP CULTURE RANT: Project Runway

So how are you all feeling about the move to Lifetime? Personally, I find it a tad weird. That, the switch to L.A., and the fact that this seems to have been filled during last year’s Emmy Awards (unless this year’s Emmy’s have already rolled out the red carpet and are just waiting a few weeks for the stars to show up). Though I did appreciate seeing Lohan all happy and sober. And I think the “Models on the Runway” spin-off is a good idea. It shows that these models are actually real women and not paper dolls who shouldn’t be allowed to speak or care that their dreams are also being crushed by odd silver tinfoil dresses. So I’m giving Lifetime a shot. Watch, next I’ll be blogging about the Tori Spelling latest made-for-TV movie.


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